the broke girl

i decided to take myself (and my talent) seriously in october 2016. i had graduated with my bachelor's in 2014, but still felt lost. i was dealing with my own insecurities and had shopped my way into debt; life was really hard. in 2017, i received my master's degree and still felt empty.

fortunately, i found solace in revisiting art and decided to use my struggle to connect with others who shared my experience...

brokebuthighmaintenance was born... 

i fused both my passion for art + fashion together in order to promote self-love and living your truth, both authentically and unapologetically. loving who you are is so important, especially during a time period where many have been comparing their lives to images on social media. i just want people to be accepting of who they are, self reflect as much as they can and work on being a better version of themselves everyday.

why would you ever want to be anyone else?

the broke girl