"i`m just a broke girl
with expensive taste."

broke but high maintenance was officially born in 2016. it is a reflection of my reality, my story. i enjoyed spending my hard earned money on things that made me feel good, but it came with a cost: me being broke. i acknowledged + welcomed this part of my journey because it helped to mold me into who i am today. many won't admit that they're broke because of how society views broke people, but i'm all about authenticity. i've learned so much on this journey of mine as the broke girl and this brand helps me to see how far i've come.

broke but high maintenance...

represents always being your authentic self, unapologetically; was created to uplift + inspire people to always walk in their truth - to remain an ORIGINAL in this world + to never let the outside opinions of others tell you who YOU should be.

i hope that by sharing my story, i can encourage you all to keep being the best YOU that YOU can be. always allow yourself to find happiness in your struggle and continue to elevate yourselves!

- the broke girl